Operation Black Sun

A Wolfenstein Fan Film

Characters of Operation: Black Sun

Here is a summary of the different characters in this film.

B.J Blazkowics 

American agent, William Joseph "B.J" Blazkowics, recruited by the O.S.A (Office of Strategic Actions) to assassinate General Zetta, is the protagonist of Operation: Black Sun. He's the kind of shoot first and ask questions later sort of person, and usually has a comrade in tow with him. After a narrow escape, he now crash lands in Germany outside of Castle Wolfenstein.

Name: B.J Blazkowics                                                                                                                                    Weapon: Knife, Luger, MP-40       Affiliations: O.S.A, U.S Army, Kriessau Circle

General Zetta

German General of the SS Paranormal Division, known for his unconventional, harsh methods of success, is the man B.J and Agent One have been recruited to assassinate. Known to mutter to himself, he will strive to any heights to get success. His mastermind is the key to Operation: Black Sun.

Name: Viktor Zetta        Weapon: His authority         Affiliations: SS Paranormal Division, Thule Society


Caroline Becker

The leader of the Kriessau Circle in Isenstadt, she is a brilliant tactician sacrificing all for the good of the people. She is determined to rid Isenstadt of the many rising threats that endanger the people.


Name: Caroline Becker       Weapon: Shotgun                            Affiliations: Kriessau Circle 

Doctor Richthofen

A Doctor before the war, he lost his medical license due to unknown reasons.. Known for his deranged mind and obsession with electricity, electroshock therapy is a treatment he is very much familiar with. However, he has a strange hatred of General Zetta, and tries to avoid him as much as possible.

Name: Doctor Edward Richthofen       Weapon: Electroshock therapy, Luger.        Affiliations: Wehrmacht, SS Paranormal Division. 


General Deathshead

A brilliant, ruthless scientist, who heads up General Zetta's Uber-Soldat project of Operation: Black Sun. Not much is known about him, other than that he wears a monocle.


Name: Wilhelm Strausse        Weapon: Man made monsters.         Affiliations: SS Paranormal Division, Special Projects Commitee



Agent One

British Agent One, or Agent One as B.J likes to call him, is a self-proclaimed specialist in the arts of engineering, having apparently built a dozen B-17's single handedly. Now, being compromised, his only hope is that B.J can escape and free them from Castle Wolfenstein.

Name: British Agent One        Weapon: N/A         Affiliations: O.S.A, previously Desert Rats



Kessler is BJ's companion who is sent to help BJ escape from Castle Wolfenstein. He tries to help BJ but, BJ just abuses him and breaks his door. A quiet character with nothing much to say. He apparently has broken his arm. He also reads books on poker tricks.

Name: Kessler         
Weapon: M-1 Carbine, some ammo.        Affiliations: Kriessau Circle


Anton Krieg and Stefan Krieg

Stefan and Anton
Two joined traders at the Black Market in Isenstadt. Stefan is the one with the mustache, and Anton is the one that deals the money. Unfortunetly, they don't give credit, to anybody.

Names: Stefan Krieg and Anton Krieg
Weapons: Mauser, Colt, Bombs, charging people 70 % tax.     Affiliations: Black Market



Nikolai Belinsky

Nikolai Belinsky
Nikolai is your average drunk soviet rifleman. All he talks about is vodka. From Russia, he likes to drink in the middle of battle.

Name: Nikolai Belinsky

Weapon: A smashed vodka bottle, his breath, Kar98k.

DJ Franz

An unpopular radio DJ in Germany, trying to make a living using ancient radio equipment. His radio music selection is about 4 songs. 
Name: DJ 'Fudge' Franz
Weapon: Radio propaganda

General Schossund

A General on the Nazi cruise ship. Seems to be sea-sick all the time. He is either alergic to the sea or cola or both. Ends up joining the sea, thanks to BJ.

Name: General Schossund

Weapon: Tirpitz boat.

Tanya Natascha Pavelona III

The Kriessau circle's scout, she goes on regular missions with her reconnaissance squad. She uses an old Mauser rifle that her grandfather gave to her before the war. Has Basic numeracy skills, can count up to 3 miles. Squared.

In the eve of Terrible, she drives a truck, her dad is Von Stauff, but that story was under developed. 

Hyper-Active Agent; Herald Alvin Affenberg

This Agent is very hyper and believes his one story about a truck exploding will gain him popularity with the Kriessau Circle. He has only been on one mission so far and was very excited, and Blazkowics could barely understand him. He plays darts with the Agent who keeps changing hats, otherwise he leans against the radiator in the corner and hopes it will turn on someday, but it never will for him. He has a hidden gun behind the radiator, just in case something happens, but can't use it effectively, because he never once used a gun in his life. 

After a terrible visit from the Hasnels and GRNettles, Herald returns to life as a new being, with a new voice and  love for trucks re united. But, he is killed in the explosion. TRHE AEND!

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