Operation Black Sun

A Wolfenstein Fan Film


Though the film take place in mostly in Germany, here's a list of the places seen in Operation Black Sun.

Castle Wolfenstein

Located in the Harzt mountains of Germany, Castle Wolfenstein is a fortress on a mountain, where Kessler has traced General Zetta to. Blazkowics and Agent One are sent in to assassinate General Zetta, but the villages at the base of the mountain have seen them and warned them of their imminent arrival. Doctor Richthofen has been temporarily placed here as General Zetta's bodyguard.



A city in Western Germany, where a German resistance movement called the Kriessau Circle was started, it's leaders Caroline Becker and Eric Engle help the people to get by day to day, buying supplies from the local corrupt black market. There is a zeppelin constantly hovering over the city, which brings anxiety and fear to the citizens, as they do not know why it is there. They also have a curfew, and the resistance want to stop the tyranny they see in the city because of General Zetta.


A city in Eastern Germany, where BJ first meets Nikolai and Doctor Alexandrov Reznov. It is a war-torn town, having undergone allied bombing raids prior to BJ's arrival, and also with constant fighting between the Russians and Germans, it is not the ideal place to live. The Secret Weapons Facility is here, but none have gotten inside to find out it's purpose. The O.S.A wants to find out what it is for.


Isenstadt Tavern

A popular tavern in Isenstadt, because any soldiers there are usually drunk, or calling the town trouble. Fights and vomiting are a daily occurence, but it brings in a lot of money, so it has not been shut down. Nikolai would favour this place. The officer stationed here has not been seen outside the pub for at least a week.

Isenstadt Airfield

The airport in Isenstadt is a restricted area, due to the high danger of the Resistance breaking in and discovering the plan that the German Army has for the town of Isenstadt.


The Black Market

An illegal market set up in Isenstadt to rob the citizens of what little money they have left, run by two brothers, Anton and Stefan Krieg. They sell many items such as Lamp Oil, guns and food.

The X-Labs

A secret laboratory hidden in a bunker in Norway (Co-ordinates approximately 67o North by 16o East) with the sole purpose of creating the ultimate killing machine.



Castle Totenkopf

Another Castle over the city of Isenstadt. A Barracks for the German Soldiers stationed in Isenstadt, and has been housing many high-ranking officials as of late. What they are doing is unknown.

Kriessau Circle Safehouse

The house in which the Resistance plan there plans, unknown to the German soldiers, who are constantly searching for the Safehouse. Unfortunatley, the safehouse is damp and dark, smelling of dogs. Besides planning against the soldiers, they play darts, aiming for a hastily drawing of General Zetta by Kessler.

Thule Forest

A forest in Isenstadt, which is said to house Thule manuscripts and artifacts. General Zetta hopes that a second medallion can be found here, so an excavation comittee, including Doctor Richthofen, are sent there. A Russian is found, drunk and dazed, and is interrogated by the good Doctor. There are also Ice Cream vans patrolling the area due to a shortage of proper military vehicles after an incident in the Warehouse.


Farm Facility

A secret facility built underneath a farm  by General Zetta to house the abominations they encountered back at Castle Wolfenstein, unbeknown to the soldiers stationed there, who assume they're there because they are the worse-off troops of the army. 

Thule Graveyard

What appears to be a solemn graveyard has turned into a nightmare for the SS Paranormal Division Troops. Underground, in the catacombs house unspeakable evil, broken free through General Zetta's insane search for the Thule Society's manuscripts.


Kessler's House

Located in the village below Castle Wolfenstein, Kessler claims it is "Somewhere Safe". He has ammo lying about carelessly, which contradicts his previous statement. He has a library which contains a book on his favourite things, such as Poker tricks. Not completely secure after B.J Kicks his back door in.


The Office of Strategic Action's Headquarters in London, days are long, with Jack calling meeting after meeting to the Director's content. However, this bores even Jack some days. A lot of planning happens in these meetings, it is unknown if the Germans have an equivalent to the O.S.A.

Fudge FM Radio Tower

A Lonely Tower where DJ Franz plays his propaganda and 4 Records's, which are Ride Of The Valkyries, the Anthem, Fur Elise and Lil Marlene. No spirits are lifted with his music, and the Kriessau Circle cannot stand him and want someone to stop his broadcasting.


A warehouse near the centre of Isenstadt, used for ammo, rations and other supplies. Due to the amount of vehicles entering and exiting, the fumes in the building can be smelled from down the street, and are highly flammable. The Kriessau Circle use the warehouse to steal food and other supplies each week.

Secret Weapons Facility

Located in Kubelstadt, in use since the origins of Operation:Black Sun, with a device being designed that can take you to and from the Black Sun Dimension. The scientists have yet to perfect the device. The door to the barracks had been broken for two days prior to the battle. 


Tirpitz Ship

A Warship carrying cruise missiles on a set course for London. Many crew members lose hats, and above all else, vomit because the ship is so unstable. Lifejackets are to be worn at all times.

SS Paranormal Base

A content Hauptsturmfuhrer von Stauff Presides here. Like any other base, really.


Isenstadt Restaurant

A Restaurant located in the entrance of the tavern in Isenstadt. The menu has very little selection, mainly soup, and so may people end up with food poisoning, due to the fact that the chef is drunk. Not many people eat here because of the drunk officers that constantly wander in and out, vomitting as they go. 

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